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Gut Microbiome Affect Diabetes

How Does the Gut Microbiome Affect Diabetes [Evidence-Based]

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that affects a large portion of the population. According to research, more than 537 million people had been diagnosed with diabetes by 2021. The World Health Organization states that diabetes


Is Neuropathy Considered a Disability? We Break It Down

Maybe you’ve been dealing with numbness, tingling, and nerve pain in your hands and feet for a while now. Or perhaps these symptoms just started cropping up more recently. Either way, you’re probably wondering if your

senior with a the constant hunger feeling snacking on junk food

Why Do I Have a Constant Hunger Feeling?

Ever find yourself asking, “Why am I always so hungry?” That constant hunger feeling can be confusing, especially if you’re eating more but still feeling unsatisfied. Could it be overeating, or is there something else at


Are Diabetic Socks The Same As Compression Socks?

No! Diabetic socks and compression socks are very different but people with diabetes mellitus often confuse the two. If you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, compression socks are not right for you. They decrease


What are the Causes of Weight Loss in Seniors?

Have you noticed you’re losing weight without even trying? It might feel like a welcome change at first, especially if shedding pounds has always been a struggle. But as we age, unexpected weight loss can bring

Woman with CMS on her arm drinking water

I Can’t Quench My Excessive Thrist – Help!

Do you find yourself constantly reaching for a glass of water, yet never quite quenching your excessive thirst? You might wonder, “Am I not drinking enough water?” or “Is this something to worry about?” Excessive thirst