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Wide Diabetic Shoes for Swollen Feet

Wide Diabetic Shoes for Swollen Feet

Wide diabetic shoes for swollen feet can be challenging to buy from mainstream retail outlets due to their unique features. The shoes need to be extra wide and deeper to comfortably accommodate swollen feet.

Swollen feet in diabetics are commonly more sensitive due to stretched skin, which may be further complicated by symptoms such as bruising. This condition can be the result of various factors, including poor circulation and nerve damage.

In this article, we will list 5 wide diabetic shoes for swollen feet to help individuals who suffer from vascular issues.

The best wide diabetic shoes for swollen feet

Swollen feet that are caused by diabetes require shoes with plenty of room to avoid squeezing your feet. Additionally, the level of swelling will certainly fluctuate during the day, so you might want to consider that as well.

Here are our tips to help you choose the best wide diabetic shoes for swollen feet:

Adjustable footwear – Velcro options

Velcro shoes are beneficial for those with diabetic edema as they allow for easy adjustments throughout the day. This adaptability is vital if swelling fluctuates. Velcro closures also simplify the process of putting on and taking off shoes, which can be a challenge with swollen feet.

Improved fit with Velcro extensions

For severe cases of swollen feet, consider shoes with options for longer Velcro straps or the addition of Velcro strap extensions. You can buy these extensions separately and attach them to existing footwear. They provide extra space and improve fit over swollen insteps.

Look for soft leathers and stretch uppers

Footwear made from soft leather can significantly enhance comfort for diabetic feet. Stretchy uppers are also recommended as they adapt to the unique shape of each foot, accommodate different swelling levels, and reduce pressure and friction.

Don’t compromise on the quality of materials

Choose shoes with high-grade and soft leather to avoid the discomfort associated with stiff materials. The flexibility and softness of the upper part of the shoe are vital to prevent additional pressure on swollen areas.

Don’t forget about the socks

The type and quality of the socks can also be an issue for swollen feet. We recommend that you look for socks that are designed with extended stretch material. This makes them capable of stretching significantly without causing discomfort or pressure. Seamless socks are also recommended to reduce irritation for sensitive feet.

Bonus tips

Shoes designed for swollen feet should have minimal internal seams and no rough joins inside the shoe to reduce the risk of rubbing and irritation. It’s also indispensable to choose shoes with supportive insoles and shock-absorbing outsoles to protect sensitive diabetic feet.

Additionally, a deep toe box might be necessary if your feet are severely swollen. It provides additional room and prevents the top part of the shoe from compressing the foot.

If you want to learn about specific brands of diabetic shoes, check out this article.

Takeaway message

The right shoes to accommodate swollen feet caused by diabetes can make the difference between having a good day or being miserable. Investing in wide shoes will undoubtedly be worth every penny.

We hope that this article will serve as a guide to help you purchase wide diabetic shoes for your swollen feet.

If you have any questions about diabetic foot or the shoes you should purchase, you should contact us via this link.

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